How to Plan a Justin Bieber Party

Justin Bieber Party Supplies

With 6 G speed, it’s the hottest party in town–the Justin Bieber theme party . “Never say Never” as the golden star would say, to gathering together the necessary party stuff to plan a great get together with this newest boy sensation as a central theme. Yes indeed, the princess party is so passé to most 7 -11 year old tweens. If they want to celebrate a birthday, or a “girls night in” sleepover, or getting all A’s– it’s Bieber fever that will bring in the right party ambience that will make them and “Uyou Smile”–like his song says!

This is the age and stage when girls (and boys too) really treasure and take personal interest in the whole decor as a party theme –

Justin Bieber Party Supplies

Justin Bieber Party Supplies

and they take the reins too on the planning and executing. Here’s an opportunity to have the lucky Beliebers (or PreBeliebers) share some of their own Justin Bieber party ideas. So whether or not you’re in the know about the Bieb, here’s a way to join in, get with it, and be just in time for a Bieber Ball!


Shoot for the Stars
Used to be that kids wanted to be astronauts, firefighters, or teachers in my ancient days. Today, they want to be rock stars or traveling reporters who get to interview the stars. For tweens, at least the chance to be next to a star is prime. Eight year old Gabriella has been asking since hearing Bieber’s first love song, “how can we invite him to our house?” And the next question was, “What if I send Justin Beaver an invitation to our house?” It’s a good question showing she knows her protocol, and now you can make it official with the amazing Justin Bieber invitations that appear to be a backstage pass! For sure, they are not your ordinary birthday party invitations, but a memento that can be saved, treasured, and talked about. Get them online in many places.

Now the thrilling bubble does not have to burst if the real Justin doesn’t RSVP, because you can get a life-size Bieber for your house guest paparazzi to shoot. These life sized cardboard cutouts with easels are picture perfect, and your guests will no doubt love to strike their poses by his side.

Fun and Games Justin Bieber Style
Who hasn’t seen it a billion times– the super bowl 6G commercial, the blurbs of Justin’s appearances on the Daily Show, and all the impersonations? Use it to the max and plan to have guests do their own impersonations. Along with the more traditional Justin Bieber party supplies, throw in a wig or two, and some clothes (that your tween will pick out as the ones most like those he really wears). Hand out some Rock Star inflatable microphones, available online from the new rush to get out a host of Justin Bieber party supplies. Rock stars in the making may wish to prepare a routine with a song done karaoke style or a capella, or simply a costumed pantomime. G most likely will bring their own cameras, or even video cameras these days. Award prizes for the most beautiful, the weirdest, and the funniest. Plan a Grammy award for each performer. This show might rival the Biebs own new 3D hit!

Now getting back to the atmosphere and decorations, –purple is the reining color throughout the plentiful array of Justin Bieber party stuff online from plastic table covers to the usual plates and cups, napkins, banners, door posters, tattoos, loot bags, and balloons. However you may find some great debates about the purple verses blue–and the truth about the favorites may be found in 2 or 3 easily available cheap paperbacks online such as “Justin Bieber: The Fever!” all about his 16th birthday March 2010, with photos, his dating info, and more, or, “Justin Bieber Get the Scoop” with loads of bio facts and photos. These books can also help with more personalized Bieber party game ideas, other than putting on lipstick and planting kisses on the life-sized poster of him! This is Justin Bieber, after all, an artistic and creative icon, so why not continue on creatively. The tweens may enjoy planning a one scene skit called, an Encounter with Justin, alone or in a group. Hopefully, you or someone can video and certainly photograph for great mementos to put in a goody bag. In this celebration you may want more than just a goody bag, but a cool Bieber tote bag for each guest.

Leave it to Bieber
Don’t laugh, but there are really neat 300 piece poster sized Justin Bieber puzzles available, and at this age a blast from the past with puzzle pieces can be a hoot. There’s a view of him in one puzzle , (maybe in a “fever”), about to take off his shirt, and in another puzzle he’s gazing directly into the beholder’s eyes. Either one of these (and a few other choices too) are available online. And, they can go into the tote bags for taking home.

For an interim sit down moment, you can organize a game of “guess how many words in Justin Bieber’s name.” Word generator online can help you print out the entire list of nearly 500.

Adding in a bit of “do-it-yourself” art to round out the party ideas for a take home gem, you may wish to order some nice sized, 42 inch blow up rock star guitars. These can be designed and decorated with permanent markers or stick on gemstones.

How’s this for another Bieber-licious party game idea: “What’s in the Name?” Most everyone has not just their given name today, but their email names, their avatar names, and the names that they might like to call themselves. Apparently Justin has been reported checking into motels under the name Chandler Bing. What’s the vote on this, and what are some other possibilities for him? (Or for your own secret celebrity name!)

Have your Cake and JB Too!
Whether this event is a birthday party or other celebration, you have to have treats and sweets. For a centerpiece cake you can get edible cake icing picturing none other than this newest hot sensation. Online Justin Bieber party supplies have the range of items from soup to nuts. Put it on your own homemade cake. Does the hostess know what is this dreamboat’s favorite birthday cake flavor? Maybe something to research!

Microphone cupcakes are always a winner. Just use ice cream cones in the cup variety, top with little cupcakes, frost and coat with black sprinkles.

The truth is, in this day and age of questionable role models for our young girls (and boys) there is nothing wrong with a party featuring this nice “boy next door”. He’s a clean-cut great kid. He’s been documented to have worked hard to develop his talents and loves for music and instruments. His manner is gentle, humble even, in his plethora of appearances with David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Ozzy, or bowling with Selena Gomez.

If Justin were not a rock star and just a Justin Jones in your tween’s class, he would probably be on the “A” list of any party you were planning. So, why not invite him into your home by way of some hot online, really affordable, must have Justin Bieber party products!

Max and Ruby Make Easter “Egg- traordinary!”

Max and Ruby

Three year old Natane was ambitiously, precociously, drawing portraits of Mom, Dad, and the Power Puff Girls. They all had delicious, delightful looking bunny ears sticking straight up from their full moon shaped heads. This wasn’t even Easter time! Rabbits, bunnies, and Max & Ruby, or Ruby and Max if you prefer that girls go first as their theme song allows, make any kid feel “hoppy” all year long! Kids know bunny ears are soft, cuddly, great to grab and hang on to, and really easy to draw.

Honey and Funny Bunny Art and Games
Nick Jr. Max and Ruby are the best inspirations at Easter time for your own budding portrait artists. Take a quickie photo of their faces, print it out for kids to cut out and paste on another paper. Have available some downloadable Max and Ruby coloring pages, to color and cut out the famous brother and sister pair to add to their artwork page. Then have your little bunny artists draw the rest of themselves, and a background scene to set off their bunny family picture.

For kids a bit older, set up your Max and Ruby plush dolls or Beanie babies as terrific posing models, and have the kids copy their pose. You can play them the famous episode where Ruby has Max posing while she and Louise paint a portrait. Ruby demonstrates a really easy way to do that famous bunny face.

Max and Ruby Plush

Max and Ruby Plush Doll Set

If your own sweet bunnies don’t already have the Max and Ruby dolls to carry around, they are easily available online and are must haves for little honey bunnies who all adore the now famous Nick Jr. Max and Ruby program. Catch up with the Easter episodes or any of the Max and Ruby videos, available online, because they all offer very special inspiration that is bound to bring about some bunny scout cooperation and achievements like Ruby, and just the right amount of passionate pursuits, like Max.

Bunnies, Bags and Begin
The Nick Jr. Easter Max & Ruby episodes do have some wonderful lessons, as well as being great accompaniments for Easter time or anytime activities and parties. The cool thing is you can get special Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby Loot Bags

Max and Ruby Totes

supplies easily available online, for setting your atmosphere, if you wish.


For the young age set, just like Max and Ruby themselves, there are so many ways to get busy. Max and Ruby dress up games, toys, coloring and activities, are chock full of ideas to go a little hopping mad! So pack up your toddler’s Max and Ruby Lunch Bag. Fill your little tike’s Max and Ruby Backpack with those favorite things. You can make your own match and memory game with what goes into the backpack, and if you need reminding about what Max loves, check out the Max’s Favorite Things Board Book, available online. For your Ruby who is full of direction and instructions, let her challenge her friends to play the Max and Ruby Match It Memory game, available online. Another fun challenge for a preschooler’s bunny fun is the 24 piece Max and Ruby puzzles.

“Egg citing” Hunt
Like Ruby says while painting her eggs in the Easter Nick Jr. Max and Ruby episode, (which you can always get online for your use anytime), “I wish we could do it all year and not just for Easter.” Kids might be like Ruby, delighting in painting eggs, proudly carrying a filled basket, finding all those colorful eggs,. Or, they might be like Max, filling a basket with bugs, frogs, and half eaten Easter candies. Both ways are just tops. Baskets are always available on the cheap, or get Max and Ruby tote bags, available online, and 1, 2, or 20 kids will have a ball filling it before even starting an egg hunt game. Make it a challenge with a special golden egg and an “egg-stra” special prize for the one who finds it!

Kids may enjoy taking turns playing the Easter Bunny and hiding eggs or other toys within a certain area. If you have a big back yard, how about getting a bunch of hay and putting a new spin on finding the needle in the haystack, by burying Max & Ruby windup toys and eggs within.

Just like Ruby’s exhilaration in decorating her eggs, kids can do their plastic ones with glue on macaroni, spangles, beads, ribbons and anything else around to make them beautiful. Or, draw and glue on parts for silly and zany faces like Humpty Dumpty.

Special Eggs
Here’s an activity to fit right in with Max & Ruby games just for Easter time. Make large white paper eggs, and cut in half in a zig zag crack pattern. Or, you can trace and have the kids cut it themselves. Punch paper fasteners to one side so that the egg can open and close. Have kids draw and color an animal to “hatch” from their egg. Cut it out and glue it to the back of the bottom shell. Give each child a chance to tell a story about their creature in their egg. Prizes for these imagination stories can be little Max and Ruby toys such as wind ups, or little dolls that look like Ruby’s Curly Shirley.

Another imagination puzzler just in time for Easter fun with Ruby and Max games is to ask the famous question accompanied with a board illustration: What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Five year old Sean wanted to earn merit badges like Ruby’s Bunny Scout badges, so here’s an opportunity to give out special badges for “Egg-cellent Thinking.”

There are plenty of adorable Max and Ruby books with the famous Easter stories in them to have on hand, or you might also like Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco with gorgeous Ukranian style painted eggs to “ooh and ahh” over.

What’s Fair in a Game?
Easter time is the serious time about chocolate and bunnies. Max will tell you the most simple and true words about chocolate is “I love you”. If you don’t remember this, check out the Easter episode with the chocolate chicken. Remember that Max and Ruby game rules are very different! On getting the chocolate chicken with Ruby’s method, the reward is at the end but you enjoy the hunt and the discovery. On the other hand, Max’s method is simply seizing the moment and the object of chocolate desire and partaking of its tasty wonders immediately. Truly, when any child tells you “I love you” that does deserve a tasty reward!

Wormy and Fluffy Cakes
Reward kids with some treats besides peeps and eggs and jelly beans. You can do Max and Ruby’s favorite cakes like the earthworm cake, the angel food surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing, or the red hot marshmallow cakes. The recipes and pictures to guide are all online. But your kids will show you their favorite cakes just from the wide variety of Max and Ruby coloring pictures, also easily downloadable online. These cakes in Max and Ruby style are just what the novice needs for no worries about lumps and drips and cakes that lean. Just have enough gummy worms to decorate for Max lovers, and pink marshmallow fluff for the Ruby lovers. Online recipes have some simple ideas for making a worm cake. Just crumble chocolate pie crust with chocolate pudding and add your gummy worms. Serve it in a flowerpot with some overhanging worms for the effects that Max lovers will thrill at.

The Hat Trick Easter Bonnet
Three year old Sammy spots a cloth bucket and promptly dons it on his head. Everything is a hat, or can be one. A hat can be simple, like something Max would wear, or elegantly decorated like Ruby’s hats. Some of Nick Jr.’s Max and Ruby coloring pages show all kinds of hats. However, a little Max may not want to win a hat competition for the Bunny Scouts, and is more interested in helping his own pet frog do tricks, just like the Max and Ruby episode. And speaking of animal tricks, try this. Put a bunch of little plastic animals in a paper bag, have a child reach in and pull one out. He or she then has to do a trick which that bug or animal might do. Give prizes for each budding pantomime.

Following this raucous bit of activity, settle down to color, cut and paste the prettiest or the funniest hat of all. Have some precut mats to frame their coloring pages of awesome hat designs.

Easter and Everyday Parades
Dressing up is always traditional for an Easter parade, and anytime is good for tots and preschoolers too. Have a bag of costumes for kids to do their own Easter time Max and Ruby dress up parade. Make a dress up game by having partners dress each other as Max or Ruby. And most importantly, don’t forget about Max and Ruby’s toys. Yes, toys are a necessary part of the parade. Remember that Max and Ruby episode where Ruby colored eggs, while Max instead of putting them in a basket, gave an egg to each of his toys? Kids even school aged, love to insure that every doll, every truck, every toy has their equal portion of whatever it is. Little Jessica, with her 25 Barbie dolls, made sure each Barbie had her own Pet Shop for her Easter Pet Parade Party! Making your costume and toy parade all set to music is an activity bound to please. The toys, Max and Ruby style, can be around as an obstacle course, but still part of the parade route.

Too Many Toys?
Boys like Max always need enough toys, because sharing can sometimes be a problem when a friend comes along to proclaim some as “mine”. And just how many toys does a toddler need in bed? Like Max who discovered that sometimes a red rubber elephant isn’t enough, there’s always room for more Max and Ruby toys. Pile a few toys under a blanket for a fun guessing game of how many are there.

Max’s frogs which you can get a lot of, can be hidden around for a fun search and rescue game. Find them and bring them to a little pail of pond water with some paper lily pads.

Max and Ruby Dress Up
From ages 3-6, the most favorite online activity, no matter how many times it’s done, is the Max and Ruby dress up game. Kids love to see bare-naked Max and help find his clothes, unfortunately dropped on the floor, their style! But you don’t have to have the computer available for your Easter party fun, because Nick Jr. Max and Ruby dress up dolls for printing out are all available. Kids never tire of cutting and pasting their choices. And, even better, have them design their own wild outfit, and tell a little story about where Max or Ruby is going with that outfit. If you like to video, do a video recording of each child to show off their “fashionista” and adventurous selves.

Besides for coloring pages, there are many craft templates available online, with almost too many cute ones to choose from. Preschoolers would love to do the Bunny Egg Cartons for holding jelly beans, or Max’s famous jelly balls. It is easy to put together by gluing onto a cutout bunny head template some pompons and wiggly eyes, and cotton balls of course for ears.

A bit older and able kids would love do the awesome rabbit toilet paper rolls. They are just adorable with easy instructions with the online templates.

Templates for making paper rabbit ears to attach to a headband for all your bouncing bunnies is a fun way to start a party. And they will laugh to see one another with the ears doing a freeze dance, or bunny musical chairs.

An Easter Birthday or Party Party
Besides for being a honey bunny, funny bunny, snuggle bunny, or cuddle bunny, kids do have birthdays at Easter, and what a great time to have a Max and Ruby birthday party! All your necessary Max & Ruby party supplies and more are easily available online. Of course you can get their funny bunny images on everything, from edible cake decorations, or a rabbit specialty cake pan, balloons, invitations, party favors, and an awesome Max & Ruby piñata that many a parent has raved about.

There are some favorite Max and Ruby books online that teach preschoolers their important colors. Check them out. And if you have a porch and lots of newspapers, and just a couple of bunny lovers, do a color mixing lesson just like Ruby did when painting her model, Max. Put out blue, yellow, red and see how you make green and brown. If you’re adventurous, and outdoors, you might have some fun like Max did and “paint,” as Max quipped, with some ketchup, mustard and grape jelly!

Think Inside the Box…The Toy Box …to Throw a Terrific Toy Story 3 Birthday Party

Toy Story

If you are planning a birthday centering on the characters from Toy Story 3, get ready for a great time. The antics of Woody and Buzz along with all the other toys offer endless options for games, activities and an afternoon of fun. Let’s get started creating a special day for your birthday boy or girl.

1. Arrival Activity

A sure fire way to start a great party is to have something to do when your guests arrive. Since no one arrives at the same time, you will have some early arrivals and some late comers. Offering them a theme based activity will keep everyone interested and occupied while they wait for the real party to start. You could use a Toy Story 3 puzzle as your arrival activity. Toy Story StickersSet it up on the kitchen table and let the kids join in the assembly as they arrive. Or, give them a craft to put together. Provide them with a goody bag, markers and Toy Story stickers and let them design their own personalized goody bags. Whichever activity you choose, giving your guests something to do until things get going will get your Toy Story 3 party off on the right foot.

2. Great Games

Next on the list is to design some great games. Start with a traditional party game like pin the tail on the donkey, give it a little Toy Story 3 twist and now you have pin the nose on Mr. Potato Head. Grab a couple stick horses; give them names like Bullseye and Buttercup, and you have Woody’s Wild Horse Race. With the Toy Story 3 Bingo Game, you have a readymade, super-fun game for your guests to play.

3. Dazzling Decorations

Start with a big birthday banner that stretches over the wall in your party room. Add Toy Story balloons to multi-color streamers and balloons to create a truly festive atmosphere. Cover the tables with custom tablecloths featuring the kid’s favorite characters and don’t forget to set-up a table for the presents. Finish off the table setting with Toy Story party supplies like character cups, plates, napkins and a custom Toy Story birthday cake in the image of your child’s favorite character. For an extra special touch, create a picture spot with a bale of hay and a table cloth hung over a door. Over the course of the party, take a picture of the birthday boy or girl with each guest to make extra special thank you cards after the party.

4. Fun-tastic Favors

There is a wide variety of favor options to go along with the Toy Story party theme. If your birthday party is primarily for boys, a bag of army men, a slinky and a go fish game featuring Woody are sure to be hits. If your party is for girls, a package of jacks, some silicone bracelets and a couple sheets of stickers are great fillers for a goody bag. Toy Story Party FavorsWhether you stick with character based favors like kaleidoscopes or pencil cases or go with some other theme based options, keeping the favors aligned with the theme provides the perfect ending to your Toy Story 3 party.
By thinking a little more inside the Toy Box, you can throw an unforgettable Toy Story 3 birthday party for your child.

Totally Fabulous Justin Bieber Birthday Party

Justin Bieber Party Supplies

Need a theme for a tween girl’s birthday party? Look no further than her iPod. Never Say Never, the documentary based on the early life of pop star Justin Bieber, opens in February and provides a great theme for this age group. Use these Justin Bieber party ideas to host the party that will have her friends talking, texting, and tweeting for weeks to come.

Justin Bieber Birthdays

Justin Bieber Birthday Supplies

Make your invitation unique and memorable by mixing a standard Justin Bieber party invitation with creative packaging. Cover an old CD with purple paper, cut one standard invitation in half and glue one half to each side of the CD. Trim the corners to match the edge of the CD, complete the party information, and make a note to dress in Justin’s favorite colors – purple and blue. Finish the invitation with an insert for the case made from purple paper. Decorate the insert with black and white piano keys and a slogan like “Brit’s B-day – Starring Justin Bieber”. Add the CD to the case for a fabulous invite sure to generate excitement before the party.

Bring your Justin Bieber theme party to life with Justin Bieber party decorations. You can have Justin greet guests at the door and decorate with purple, blue, black and white streamers and balloons. You can get a custom Justin Bieber birthday cake at your local bakery or create your own to match the purple and blue theme. A little planning goes a long way, make sure to designate a spot for presents, for crafts, to eat and to hang out to help things run smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Create a special birthday keepsake by having all the guests sign her Birthday Banner. Let the girls design their own Justin Bieber jewelry. Using Justin Bieber party stuff like invitations, napkins, cups, and basic jewelry making supplies, the girls can create their own earrings, necklaces, hair barrettes, bracelets and rings. Play your daughter’s favorite Justin Bieber songs in the background for inspiration; you will be amazed at their unique and interesting creations.

At the theater, take pictures of the girls as if they are movie stars on the red carpet, then head back home for cake, ice cream, presents and one or two Justin Bieber party games. Use his music for musical chairs or play Name that Justin Bieber Tune to finish off the fun.

For favors, choose a few special items like a Bieber tote bag with a small manicure kit and a bottle of Justin Bieber nail polish. Be sure to take pictures of the birthday girl with each guest that can be glued inside of Justin Bieber invitations to create a special thank you card for each guest after the party.

With a little creativity and the right Justin Bieber birthday party supplies, you can throw a totally fabulous party for your daughter sure to have her friends vying for a ticket to next year’s party all year long.

Family Game Night—Still a Winner!

Cranium Family Edition

Cranium Family Edition

Asking your kids a question is often a losing proposition—it’s not a win-win solution when you get the blank black hole type of communication like “nothing”, I don’t remember”. No matter how cool you try to attempt to connect with your kids and the rest of the family it may not be working as well as you’d like…but, there’s an antidote. Games, the word today usually means gadgets, gizmos…or gambling—but you don’t have to be a grandpa or a grandma to rediscover the lure and love for family game night—or start making every other Friday night board game night. Even if it’s between the dog walking and the online social networking! But if you think classic board games are classic bore games, or that board games for kids are out of touch, there’s more to that story, as they say.


Games. It is the word on the tip of any kid’s tongue. Even in this day of texts and tweets, when two “BFF’s” meet, the first words most likely exchanged are “Wanna play a game?” And games are win win all the way around. We all know what we taught the kids early on– the best way to do anything, make any chore a breeze is to make a game out of it. The famous board games of the past

The Game’s The Thing

Games are the antidote to running, multitasking, and the hit and miss family occasions—dinner table where having to eat the broccoli puts a damper on pleasantness, and breakfast nooks with homemade pancakes often lose out to walking the dog and flying to the meeting, in-betweeners often off to the spa, each person’s special TV program, and the individual chats online.

Games are goodness, great, groovy, and more and more families are making game night a happening thing. Setting out for just ½ hour together, or a fabulous hour—the families are actually doing something face to face, hearing what the comments are, seeing the facial expressions. True, we’re not all game lovers, but letting yourself get inspired by the game groove brings out the best in kids and parents alike. This is a chance for face to face that’s not just pick up your clothes, why didn’t you finish your homework, but to let your guard down and not be too serious. Kids get the chance to learn about gracious winning, good losing, learning from mistakes what works and doesn’t work, sharing, feeling success, and just laughing. Maybe you’ve never been a game lover, but games can set a tone for good time spirits. Better than a baseball game or even a family movie.

The Games Afoot

Just set out the game—with the tots and kids, you’ve got a tradition in the making. The selections of board games for kids or specifically for those first timers, preschool board games have expanded to many with names hard to remember or pronounce. Now don’t “oh, chute”…because for the youngest and their ups and downs, Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land are still tops on their list of favorite games. These classic board games are even updated with versions featuring the beloved timeless Dora the explorer. When it comes to Chutes and Ladders with Dora, you all can enjoy a good natured spill down the chute…”oh chute”, and a proud access up the ladder. And both just happen enough times in a game so that game mirrors life, as they say. Chutes and Ladders is probably the most famous board game to make chores and deeds a good time. And as for Candy Land with Dora the Explorer, unless you are a dentist, it’s hard to resist the lure of those treats. Okay, everyone gets one as a reward for a good game together. These preschool board games find their way into all of our impish and kidlike delights–and are pulled out for play by even 8 year olds.

It’s a tireless hilarity, but passing around the Hot Potato, or the “healthier” alternative sold at Kimmieshop – the Hot Tomato, that sings and plays until the last one gets caught is a quickie hilarity.

Yes, games don’t have to be serious and complicated like brain operation, and even Operation is a winner for all ages. Kids can be better at the fine tuning motion to take out the offending and sick body part without buzzing, going for the “toxic gas” especially always raises a stink of hilarity in our house! Do check out the truly outrageous Toy Story 3 Operation to save Buzz Lightyear’s innards from the galactic maladies.

Toy Story 3 is loved by both girls and boys and you can pick up an easy Toy Story Flip and Match or have a game handy right in your bag with the Toy Story 3 Four card games in the tin box. These handy card games are not reaching too far for quick an easy board game ideas–and as you’re passing and handing the cards (the boards) back and forth, there’s a bit of personal expression that gets passed along–instead of the “OMG’s” in the texting!

Fun for All Ages

One of the most adorable and silly fun board game for preschoolers and even kindergarteners is Alphabet Circus– this one knows some creative ways with beloved bean bags. Toss and hop onto learning alphabets and words. And doing it on one leg, when Mom and Dad has to do it, is truly a memorable family gem.

Storytelling is not usually considered a game, but storytelling has mesmerized audiences since cave man and woman. Amazing without even props, and when you think about it, who doesn’t like to tell a whopper. Have a blast in making up stories with the Toy Story 3 Storytime Board Game—whether you are 4 or 40 or even 80, all can partake in this one. 7 year old Lailee still laughs to remember what 87 year old grandma Silva said, and boy did the usually quiet “Pa” go on and on!

“Guess Who” with hands behind the head never goes out of style, and neither does the game, now in Disney’s specialty, Disney’s Guess Who? This game is great for even a twosome sharing with mom or dad and child. If you find memory games a favorite winner, you can add some language learning to it for younger kids, with the Sesame Street Memory Match in Spanish and English.

The Domino Effect

Criss crossing paths is like a natural doodle everyone does it…building up or down, keeping your eyes peeled on the matching pieces, or it’s a trip to the boneyard! That’s dominoes for you. Dominoes come in every favorite character…no joke, chose the favorites, or introduce new ones with Elmo, Spiderman, Toy Story, Tinkerbelle, Princes, Sesame Street, Cars, Mickey Mouse, and the precocious molded Alien Cylinder cases of dominoes–!

Unlocking Treasure With Board Games

Cranium board games, the brain pictured on the box, begins at the beginning stage for 2 ½ year old preschoolers in a version just for the tots in Cranium Cariboo. Every child loves, loves, loves to use the key to unlock the doors to get to the treasure. That is magic every time and we can be there and enjoy and participate in all that magic that passes as quickly as the door opens and closes.

As the kids get older, Cranium Kids Games grows and has always been and still is a hit with family groups, the relatives coming or just family party. Cranium Caddo is best for kids 7 and up—and gives kids and parents alike the opportunity to show their stuff!

As kids get into school age, they love to strategize, and tic tac toe, or checkers that can be pulled out while waiting in a restaurant or office or anytime are great.

You Can Zap the Video Games

School age kids, glued to the screens of one sort or another, can be hard to ply away, but here’s the truth. Believe it or not a recent global study showed that 73% kids would prefer to choose to play with parents rather than TV. The thrill today seems to be bringing out the sillies And in many games, there’s the opportunity to be silly, goofy, and fun. Set it out, take a floor seat, try it out.. School aged kids get a kick out of the updated Sorry Revenge game. Silly and fun if you let your silly bone be tickled a little.

Monopoly is a family game night classic, and Monopoly board games have 2 wonderful modernized versions. Monopoly City is updated with tall buildings, and for the “know it all” kids of 9 and up there’s Monopoly Here and Now World Edition that spreads out in a global way that older kids can get into. Monopoly in 2009, was still the best selling game in the world. What is the lure to buy a Monopoly board game? Money and building those little buildings have a real draw, whether or not the kids can understand the monetary considerations, there is still learning and strategizing, involved in every purchase. Taking an ownership, holding and planting down a building, a property, managing a bank, dealing with money–these are opportunities that lets kids feel in charge, like a boss, and they learn from it too. And speaking of strategy, Battleship, a game that has lasted through the years with love, is not just for boys. This one really uses spatial reasoning and encourages kids to visualize and imagine patterns. Risk is another game for the challenge of conquering the world. This one is for the long stretch of miserable weather indoors. With the need for strategy and brain power, this game is intense as it gets on a paper board.

Word games are the perfect board games for the combined ages—from 8 to 80. Scategories is simple without a lot of rules, Scrabble Apple a faster paced word game, or the coolest quickest 3 minute word game that uses 3 or 4 letters so kids have a fair chance is Boggle.

Board Games and Blackouts

Now here’s another way you can you pull your kids away from the allure of the video game or computer console, and get them to see the magic of board games. One “sneaky” father had this suggestion. Hit the switch on the fuse box, and pretend there is a black-out. With all the digital devices dead, there’s no choice but to get out the flashlights and the board games! And once you do, you’ll see them hooked even when the “power returns”.

Get Your Head in the Game

Get Your Head in the Game is one of the songs so popular from High School Musical. Sure, it refers to basketball, but whether you’re teens like them, two, or 82, getting into the game is best enjoyed face to face, passing the ball or passing the pieces of the game board. It’s an interaction that means everybody wins.

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