Rainy Day Fun

As we head into the first days of spring, make sure you are prepared to keep your little artistsbusy and active before the first of the April showers being to fall. Arts and crafts for kids are a wonderful way to spend a rainy day and provide your child with a chance to use theirimagination and creativity. Here are a few ideas for inspiring the artist in every age group.

Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

For the littlest Picassos in your house, stock up on Crayola color wonder sets. The magic paperallows each child to make their own masterpiece without making any mess. There is no need for newspaper or smocks with this craft project. Toddlers will love how the magic pens bring their favorite characters like Mater and Lightning McQueen from Cars to life.Disney Pixar Cars Crayola

If you want a no-mess activity that inspires more creative options, invest in an Aquadoodle mat.The ingenious toy comes in wall and table styles and has a reusable design that will allow yourchildren to create masterpiece after masterpiece. This unique arts and crafts activity for kids is fun for all ages.

Arts and Crafts for Children

Your elementary age crafters can create refrigerator art, posters for their room or special projectsto send to their grandma with one of Disney’s stamptastic kits. Offering a version for girls filled with princesses and a version for boys full of their favorite characters from Cars, these kits include pre-made scenes, stamps, ink pads and colored pencils. Your child can choose to color inside the lines or start from scratch and is sure to enjoy stamping the day away.

Looking for something a little less messy? Try a Magic Reveal Activity Kit featuring the characters from Toy Story 3. Complete with magical markers and 64 pages of fun, these kitswill keep your children so busy they won’t even realize they are supposed to be gloomy sincethey cannot go outside to play.

Arts and Crafts for Tweens

Put your tweens in charge of arts and crafts time and watch as they bond with their younger siblings while drawing on the wall style Aquadoodle mat or coloring a picture of Belle. TheAquadoodle pictures they create together may not last through the afternoon, but the memories of spending time together will stick around for a lifetime. Let them teach the smaller ones to paint with kid friendly paints and brushes designed for smaller hands. Or skip the brushes all together and challenge your group of Van Goghs to create a finger paint masterpiece. Make sure there are plenty of paper towels on hand and don’t be surprised if they turn each other into the canvas.

No matter their age, the sure cure for the rainy day blues is a colorful arts and crafts project your children can do together. As spring sets in, stock up on basic supplies like construction paper, water based paint, over-bake clay, markers, and glue in addition to specific kits and activity setsand you will be more than prepared for each and every April shower.

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