Kids Backpacks and Lunch Bags Pack the Best In Summer Fun

A Goody Bag can Be a Kids Lunch Bag and Even a Backpack

“Bag it” the old school, year’s kids backpacks and lunch boxes, that is. What they need and want is a cool new look for sizzling summertime.

The kids are off to camp, or camping out at Grandma’s, or going to summer sleepovers. It’s their season of freedom from the old beat up food stained lunch bags and backpacks that carried tests and homework.

Whether it’s a hot new look, or a cool backpack for kids that they saw and it’s a must have, the huge array of characters, solids, polka dots and plaids– even many with matching backpacks and lunch bags (because some of these coordinating conscious girls just love everything to match) are easily available online. So your kids  can just oogle and aah, and pick their new favorites right off the bat. You know kids, because if Pokemon or Star Wars or Strawberry Shortcake or Zhu Zhu pets was their choice of best backpacks last September, it’s probably ancient history in their world of what is cool today. After all, they “graduate” …from everything.

Kids Backpacks and Lunch Boxes That “Go Live Your Dream”

Some new hits of the year for kids include Tangled, Go Live Your Dream, a perfect choice for summer dreams and doings with matching kids backpacks and lunch backpacks

Scooby-Doo is running into mischief and mayhem and laughs always enjoying the outdoor summer life, and amazingly there are online at least four different looking Scooby-Doo kids backpacks available–in both full sized and toddler for big and little siblings that do like their togetherness. Not only that, backpacks are for those who love to carry, and those who love to roll. For those little “high rollers” all your favorite characters come in the perfect sized kids backpacks with wheels.

Summer hopefully has some water relief in it, and Sponge Bob is always taking the plunge with his great friends. Sponge Bob “It’s the Best Day Ever” kids backpacks know how to begin that dream of a day!

Kids Backpacks for Exploration

Besides for school books and notebooks, backpacks are designed for, well, backpacking, as in hiking, walking, camping out. Of course, Dora the Explorer and Diego, Disney Cars, Hot Wheels, and Tangled kids backpacks, lunch bags, drawstring bags, are always high on the list for leadership. What child doesn’t want to get out there and explore the world like our Tangled heroine. And kids today don’t just walk, they zoom. You are often just seeing their identifying kids Hot Wheels backpack or Mariokart backpack racing on ahead, coordinating lunch boxes swinging from their sides, while you wave goodbye, and throw a kiss. Even if the kids already have a Mariokart or Hot Wheels, or Dora backpack  believe it or not, right online you can see that for most of these kinds of favorites, there are more than 2 even 3 and 4 different styles to choose from. Of course there are a hundred –too many to list even, of everything there is in  colors, shapes, and with or without water bottles.

Now even if you don’t have available camping or hiking grounds, you can still have that kind of learning experience with the kids. Pitch a tent in the yard, or inside.

With Scooby Doo or Spider Man backpacks in your lead march off to adventure with songs and dances, make up your own marching or trekking songs to grab your packed backpacks and lunch bags and set out with the kids.

Venturing out for a walk or hike with your backpacks and trail mix? Discuss what to pack for survival. See how close they come to necessities of sunscreen, bug spray, bottled water, sleeping bags, rain gear, whistle to blow in case of separation, flashlight.

All the kids backpacks have handy pockets, and places to stow the all important water bottle. Many of the lunch boxes even come with their own water bottles. Spider Man and Barbie lunch boxes are two leaders well prepared for everything with included water bottles. You’ll also be relieved to know that these are tested lead safe, and the liners are 100% PVC free!

Now just because you’re out with the kids exploring doesn’t mean you forget about Grandma and Grandpa sleepovers. Online you can find tons of the coolest rolling luggage cases, just the right sizes. Each with it’s own special personality, just like your kids. Check out the Ni Hao Ki-Lan Sleepover Rolling Bag that comes with its matching fleece blanket. Even for hot nights, it’s nice to snuggle with their favorite character.


Kids Backpacks Build to the Stars and Back

For your kids who love Star Wars, and any fantasy like Ben 10 Alien Force, Transformers, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, or little dreamy Caillou, have them grab those outer space kids backpacks and lunch bags, and do check out some star gazing charts and learn something together about what is up there in the evening.Ben 10 backpack

Of course, one does not want to get lost, and the plan to know where you are going requires a great map. Map it out, pack that one in the handy backpack, along with a compass. Follow out your route. You’re bound to finish with something special to carry and crunch mom packed away.

New Caillou Toys Hit Stores

If you have a preschooler then you’ve probably heard of Caillou – a little boy who is fascinated with everything around him.  This year, marks the first year in a long time that many new Caillou toys have been introduced to the North American marketplace.

Caillou Puzzles

Caillou Puzzles

Caillou Puzzles

Always a favourite, Caillou puzzles have made their way into stores featuring many new designs.  New puzzle images show Caillou in a school yard, amusement park, in the backyard, and the playground.  Puzzles are a great way to develop a child’s hand eye coordination and problem thinking skills.  Ditch the video games and go with a classic puzzle that is sure to keep your little one busy!

Caillou Pretend Play

If you’re looking to spur your child’s imagination, then look to a wide array of pretend play Caillou toys. My favourite is the Caillou Medical Kit.  Kids can play doctor with their friends or with Mommy and Daddy.  Help them learn about the different body parts, look into their ears nose, and more with everything you need to be a toddler doctor!

Another Caillou toy that has become more and more popular is the Caillou Tree House.  Play indoors or out with this adorable playset which includes 4 figures.  Kids can re-enact the stories they’ve read about or seen on the PBS Caillou television show.

Caillou Medical Kit

Caillou Medical Kit

Plan a Caillou Birthday Party

Ah yes, the preschool party.  Load up on napkins, plates, cups and more when planning your Caillou party.  But, don’t forget the party favors! Save the environment with a reusable Caillou tote bag. Instead of using a plastic throw away loot bag, why not use a bag the kids can reuse over and over again.  A quick-release mechanism is a safe way to prevent choking.  If a child should ever wrap the cord around their neck, the cord will quickly release.  Safety first!

Protect Your Child from UV rays

With summer approaching, there is no doubt that you need to think about the hazards of the sun.  But getting your child to wear a hat can sometimes be problematic.  But alas! There is a solution! Any Caillou fan is sure to wear a Caillou hat! Keep mommy happy and the little munchkins  too!

For School or Camp

Now that your little one is all decked out in an ultra cool Caillou hat, they’ll probably need more accessories.  Why not a Caillou backpack?  Ideal for camp or school, store lots of Caillou toys , book, cloths or whatever! Eating is made fun with a Caillou lunch bag!

Caillou Backpack

Caillou Backpack

There you have it! Caillou toys have arrived!


New Disney Cars Toys Will Drive Kids Wonderfully Wild

Kids can toot the horns, click the signals, but there is nothing like making their Cars toys zoom –except the wish and dream of driving your family cars, of course!

The Cars Toys At Home In Any Scene

Josh and Joanne have been collecting Disney Cars toys for a while. Impossible to get them all because there are literally hundreds since the first Cars movie and Radiator Springs became such a real place. These cars are not just vehicles to get around in push and race, but there’s a love for the roaring red Lightening McQueen, and girls can choose cool blue Sally from the fun loving, friendship building Cars.Cars Water Gun

Racing, setting up their own scenarios, making up plots and perils for all the Cars characters this is fun at its best for single kids, siblings or friends. It doesn’t have to be Radiator Springs, but kids use their own legos to make new and unique places, rulers and towels become bridges, and chairs and any furniture becomes a new adventure for the Disney Pixar car toys with their faces that make any scene alive. Of course, kids have and want to have all those cool flip radios, watches, and playtime setups that keep them whole heartedly in the grips of creating.

The New Disney Cars Toys Drive In All Directions

Now kids will have a whole new slew of cars toys and scenes to love —and learn from too! The new Disney cars toys to go with the upcoming movie in June, are just about here, or can be ordered online before the stores run out!  These cars toys are planned to go to new levels and heights…literally!  There is THE Cars car that features Zero Gravity technology. And of course, it will be a must have. It’s a brand new character named Finn McMissle, a cool British spy. And just like the old James Bond feats of fantastic fun, this new Cars car remotely zips across the floor, and can climb up the walls. The theme of the new Cars 2 movie, as you might guess, and your kids probably already know, is a spy story.

There is a new Lightning McQueen Alive, with is the most amazing, very first scale car toy to use touch sensors, and the top micro technology that makes this Cars car look, move, sound —well alive. He can shrug his shoulders, move his eyes, drive in circles, and talks, of course with the very same Owen Wilson’s voice.

Cars Toys Alive and Well

So, there really is no way to think that car toys for kids are simple and anyone will do. Just take a peek at your child’s room with and you’ll spot the Cars cars in between the other trucks, fire engines, and police cars…they do stand out–smiling, grinning, alive and speaking. And the wonderful thing about Disney, the Cars and the toys, is that each of these characters teaches good lessons that do carry along into playtime.Cars Toys

Best Messages Are In Cars 2, Too

Another of the new characters from Cars 2 is Miles Axelrod, who was an oil baron, but now has converted himself into an environmentally conscious electric car, and, he is totally devoted to discovering a clean burning and renewable energy for the future.

Lightning McQueen deals with his friendship and support of his tow truck friend, while having other conflicting responsibilities.

There’s great geography to be immersed in from the movie, and of course, kids will take it right into their playtime recreations. The Cars 2 movie ventures through 5 countries: Japan, Italy, France, UK, and Australia. That’s a lot of culture for kids to explore while having fun. In fact, Disney designer of the new Cars toys wanted to use the various cultures in their car model styles. This time they are not just NASCAR type styles. So here’s where many girls will pile in on the love it.

The New and the Old Cars Toys for the Young and the Old

Parents can jump in and enjoy the movie, and the playtime too because the voices are people who are timeless in their excellence and in our hearts. Michael Caine is the new British Agent Finn, Lighting McQueen is Owen Wilson, and our lovable tow truck Mater is Larry the Cable Guy. Girls will be thrilled to meet the new spy in training Holley Shiftwell who is the voice of Emily Mortimer.

Toys would not be toys without everything else new and awesome every year. For playtime fun with Cars 2 in mind, there are of course, new video games with the new international spy theme.

Kids are totally into building with Legos today, and there will be some amazing play sets that recreate scenes from the movie. Probably a must have will be the Car 2 Spy Jet escape play set.

When it comes to more quiet settling down times with game boards, there is a new dimension in Monopoly with the Cars 2 Monopoly round board set for the best racing and zipping around.

Whether the kids want the die cast Car cars, or the new wooden toy line for the younger tikes, Disney Pixar Cars toys are all the best toys for kids who love to go places, do things, and learn a lot.

Invent Stories with Cubes

Looking for a fun game that will inspire imaginative thinking and problem solving? Rory’s Story Cubes is a fun game with endless possibilities. Simply toss all the dice, view all nine face-up images and come up with a story that begins with “Once upon a time…”

With a combined total of 54 images, there are a whopping 10 million possible combinations that will inspire your stories! Ideal for dinner parties, trips or school, Rory’s Story Cubes is an easy to understand, fun to play and portable game.

Looking to master the game? Well, the secret is not to think too much. Just go with your gut and spontaneously bring to life a fun story you thought you never had in you! The cubes will unleash your creativity, freedom of expression, and even your sense of humour.

For ages 8 and up, the game typically lasts 15 minutes. Rory’s Story Cubes were voted ‘Dr. Toy’s 10 best’ games of the year!

Raindrops Keep Falling….. 4 Fun Ways to Welcome April Showers

Here comes April!!  Sunshine and warmer days replace the gloomy grey of winter.   The trees begin budding with new green leaves and the muted colors of the winter landscape are washed away with each April shower.  Little girls and boys are antsy to get outside after being cooped up all winter long.  Here are five fun ways to celebrate spring and enjoy even the rainiest days April has to offer.

1. Reading and Raindrops

Pick up one of the great books for children about weather, rain, spring, or umbrellas.  Raindrop, Plop by Wendy Lewison is a great example.  Dress your youngster up in their galoshes and pop open the Dora umbrella or the Thomas the Train Engine umbrella as you read to them.  Encourage them to use their imagination and act out the story.  For older children, read the book together or have them read it to you.Dora Umbrellas

2. Chart the Weather

Make learning about the weather fun for everyone in the family and create a weather chart by having your children track the weather each day.  On rainy days, have them grab their favorite umbrella and set out rain collectors to find out how much rain falls.  On sunny days, focus on tracking temperature fluctuations over the course of the day.  For older children, they can track the forecast from the meteorologists against the actual weather conditions.  By the time May comes to call they may be making their own forecast.

3. Walking in the Rain

Decked out in raincoats and galoshes, take a walk in the rain together.  Make sure to bring along enough colorful, cute umbrellas for everyone and encourage puddle jumping.  To add another element of fun, sing fun songs about rainy days like “Singing in the Rain” as you walk.  Have each person on the walk make up a song or a story about their umbrella.  If they have a Tinkerbell Umbrella, they might sing about a fairy that only comes out in the rain.  If they have an Iron Man umbrella, they might sign about an action hero who gets stronger when it rains.

4. Play in the Puddles

With a couple hula hoops, two balls and enough umbrellas for all your players, you can invent your own rainy day game called Puddle Ball.  Find a spot ripe with puddles and select the biggest ones as your point puddles.  Lay a hula hoop around each of the point puddles and split into two teams.  Each team gets a ball and the object of the game is to have a tremendous amount of fun while splashing and laughing in the puddles.  Make up your own rules to create a custom made game just for your family.

No need to wait for summer to have a ton of fun outside, especially if you have the right equipment on hand.  Little ones love umbrellas, especially ones made just for them.  Look for umbrellas featuring their favorite characters like Disney’s Cars or Fairies.  For the littlest ones, try a Sesame Street umbrella featuring Big Bird or Elmo.  Splash away the rainy April days with galoshes, an umbrella and smiles all around.


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