Avengers Toys Assemble! – Why Marvel’s Top Superhero Team is Great for Every Child

Marvels The Avengers are perhaps the most inclusive superhero team and every child or inner child can relate at least one or more Avengers member.  Whether your child is into science, monsters, spies or just plain superheroes there is an Avenger for everyone.  Its alright if you want to order an extra Avengers lunch bag to take to work.  We won’t tell anyone.The Avengers Movie Merchandise Store

Hooray For Super Women!

Hooray for girls because some of the most powerful Avengers are women including the smart and cunning Black Widow and the snarky and fun Wasp.  Forget Barbie, she never saves the day!  When all the kids have just seen The Avengers and all the boys are playing with their new The Avengers action figures why should the girls be left out?

The Incredible Hulk – Striving For Acceptance

There are times where every kid feels like a monster.  The world can be a confusing, scary place for a child.  The Hulk is the ultimate outcast but he always works through his anger for the best of the team.  Hulk is a great role model for children because he teaches that one must always do the right thing, even when they are angry or upset.  Oh yeah and he is a big green monster.  What’s not to like?

Fighting With Your Brain – The Invincible Iron Man

Iron Man and The Hulk aren’t just superheroes they also some of the Marvel world’s most brilliant scientists.  Science and Math can be very difficult subjects for kids to get excited about but what’s more exciting than flying around and blasting bad guys with your uni-beam?  In addition, if your child likes Iron Man and Hulk they might also be ready to read science fiction, a great way to promote reading and imagination.  Pick up an Iron Man Avengers Action Figure for your budding scientist!  Give them an Avengers backpack to take to school! You could even use an Iron Man lunch box to teach the science of proper nutrition!  The possibilities are endless!

Magic and Mythology – The Almighty Thor

Fantasy and magic are back in a big way.  Books, TV and movies are packed with wizards, vampires, elves and other mythical creatures.  Thor is a great character for building imagination and promoting literacy.  If your child loves their Thor and Avengers Toys, they will also love hearing the mythological tales of Asgard, building an interest in culture and storytelling.  Before you know it, you’ll have them reading The Lord of The Rings and writing their own short stories!  Marvel Universe Figures are great for sparking an interest in imagination and storytelling.  Who wouldn’t want to spend playtime adventuring on the Bifrost Bridge or battling Loki?The Avengers Movie Store

Avengers Assemble! – Playing Fair With Marvels The Avengers

The Avengers are a team build upon mutual respect and friendship.  In order to defeat the bad guys, they have to work together.  There is no better way to teach a child friendship and sharing than have them play Avengers with their friends!  There might be a squabble over who’ll get to be Iron Man and who’ll be Captain America but as soon as the baddie shows up teamwork and imagination will take over!

Some Assembly Required – Marvel’s The Avengers Toys and the Creative Possibilities

Since The Avengers are such a popular group, there are an almost infinite number of toys fitting every possible interest.  That’s right, there is so much more then Avengers figures!  Other Avengers toys include a Marvel Heroes puzzle, Marvel Phase 10 and even a Marvel Universe 3Doodles kit!  Every child loves to play with action figures, especially Marvel universe action figures but why not use the superhero strategy in developing creativity and problem solving?

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