Minnie Mouse Party Planning Has All Ears Onto it

Little girls, Minnie mouse and parties go together like abc’s. Little girls already collect Minnie Mouse party supplies with  tiny tea cups and tiny seats for the usual guests– Mickey and Daisy and Donald.. So nothing could be more special to any girl for her own birthday, but to know you too love Minnie mouse like she does.  And to show that the mouse is indeed in the house, together plan that special Minnie mouse birthday, with  supplies that thrill from ears to tail.

Teachable Moments for Minnie Mouse Party Planning

It’s a piece of cake–Minnie mouse party planning, that is because everything and anything comes shaped like Minnie’s ears and polka dots galore. What little girl doesn’t enjoy making her own polka dots on pictures, and even places where you’d never think polka dots would belong!

So, you might even start with sitting down with Jessica to pick out those polka dotted party supplies all right at her little fingertips online. This is the perfect opportunity to show her to make a list of what to do for party planning…simple of course with little picture icons for your birthday supplies –birthday decorations, invitations, cups, plates, napkins, balloons, birthday cake, party hats, games, goodie bags– and of course some special Minnie mouse birthday presents for her. Check each one off with having her draw a bow or  mouse ears as they are taken care of. And, give her the big birthday opportunity to make some big decisions about which things to check off the list first.

Mouse Birthday Supplies in Your House

Start with Minnie’s loving outstretched white gloved,  hands welcoming  invitation. No other birthday party invitation has ever been so welcoming to a little girl’s house. Perfect too for helping her pick out letters for the words on the invitations, or because she’s a big 5 or 6 and can read words herself, all the better to squeal and squeak with.

The mouse will definitely be in the house to see what Jessica or Janine dreams up for her own Disney land setting. She’ll want to do a special Minnie house. And a little house maybe a cardboard box Minnie house, or other special Minnie mouse cubby  set aside to store all those great Minnie mouse birthday supplies.

Wow, there is your whole page of party supplies on your screen, she’ll be ga ga go go Minnie to pick out the 9 inch dinner plates., because Minnie is just bursting right out of that plate giving her a hug. The smaller dessert plates are a major necessity to pile on big slabs of cake and cookies, –those things disappear from the dessert plates as quick as a mouse whisker flick. , and must have the matching party cups for punch and party hats for the festivities. Ask her if she thinks she needs napkins or not, and remind her of that yummy frosting to come that covers the face.

Mouse Decorations On, Beyond and Above the Cake

Every little girl loves decorations to die for, and helping to put up banners, blowing up those special Minnie mouse balloons, is part of the fun. Minnie party balloons, and blowouts to shout out who’s there are part of the fun and get some extras for kids who want to take home a balloon or two. The Minnie mouse party plastic table cover gives you great protection, and you can get some extras for wall hangings anywhere . This can also be a learning experience for Little Minnie mouse loving Lindsay to check out the great values in prices. Of course she doesn’t know these values like you will, but good practice in number reading.

Get to the birthday cake, already, she’s begging no doubt. And she’s ready to have her Minnie mouse cake too, pulleeeze, mama!  Online is the perfect Minnie mouse cake decoration with 8 candles and holders–which gives you some extras to put on a separate Minnie cake for the special mouse herself who must have a guest seat supplied. And seated will be the star mouse from the 10′ plush pack of both Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse.

If you want to make the Minnie mouse cake look like a mouse, you can trace a large head on wax paper, turn it over and trace your outline with a tiny tipped icing tube. After you frosted the cake smooth and its firm and crusted, turn over the tracing with the frosting tracing down on top and press lightly to give you a pattern to follow. You can build it up with thin frosting tubes add pink jelly bean bow, and draw in long eye lashes.

A Mouse House Fit for any Friend

Any lucky Laura wild love their Minnie mouse party to look like a playhouse (even if your house already does!) Easy as smiling and saying cheese, right. When each party guest comes in Laura gets to give them mouse ears, pink hair bows, (or Mickey bow ties). Before hand, Laura can help cut out mouse heads large enough to write each little mouse guest’s name to put near the door or wall. Laura must have other Disney friends stuffed animals waiting on a blanket in the corner.

You might plan on a large card board box with already cut out door flaps and windows and the party goers can decorate it, or have 2 for a couple of groups if its a large party. And, or in addition to that, a nice large Minnie mouse for each guest to pass through when they enter the door, and get their mouse ears for the party.

Games and Gifts are Big for Minnie Mouse

For your game playing, there are so many to choose from. A group can put together a Mickey mouse clubhouse floor puzzle which is a nice sized 3 foot puzzle to give kids a chance to get a piece in. You can do pin the bow on Minnie, hide the styrofoam cheese treasure hunt, bean bag toss with a nice cutout of Minnie head to feed Minnie. 

Now there has to be gifts and presents galore. For her bff’s she’ll probably want the perfect mini mouse party tote bag proudly picturing Minnie dancing amount the flowers ..just like she dances…of course, Mattie will demonstrate that dance for you. In fact, you might add that one to your party game plan for a grand prize winner—each best friend does the mini flower dance (or of course, the Mickey dance for the boys!). Everyone is a winner, and prizes about online with winners like the minim mouse fashion watch and hair clips, or grand prize check out great Minnie and Mickey mouse puzzles. She’ll definitely want to choose the adorable tin lunch box with Minnie frolicking, going to the park stepping out with the cutest doggie in the world.

Food Beyond the Minnie Mouse Cake

Your celebrating little mouse may only want birthday cake, cookies and punch, but they all will eat some mouseable foods. Cheese and crackers of course, pancakes and you can design the stack with large pancakes in the middle for the mouse head and 2 stacks of mini pancakes for the ears.

Cupcakes can either be a planned activity and decorate with 2 chocolate cookies stuck in the plentiful frosting for ears, use tiny M&Ms for eyes and nose.

Your little Matilda will thank you for an amazing birthday party,  just like sweet, appreciative, loving Minnie herself is forever.


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