Kids Luggage Cases Carry Disney Fantasies Anywhere

Whether you’re packing up your luggage and your kids luggage cases for a trip to Disney or Grandma’s, these new cool luggage designs, especially for kids, makes any trip a great adventure.  Trying to plan for Spring Break, or summer, or any weekend at all, these days, seems to require packing up enough variety to suit instant changes in weather and extremes. So, not everything will easily fit into mom’s and dad’s luggage case, so necessity number 1 is for kids to have their own luggage.

Can Packing Luggage Be Fun?

To be sure, kids may lag in taking on responsibilities around the house, but when it comes to wheeling and even packing their own luggage case, that is a winner. You will be surprised and probably have a good laugh at what your little princess will want to bring along in that cute Minnie Mouse luggage case. No doubt the real dog and hamster along with her 20 stuffed animals including plush Minnie and Mickey and the host of her other Disney favorites will be stuffed in that case.

The Characters of Choice On the Case

You actually have a more than even Disney choice of some different styles, all unique, kids luggage each with special benefits for kids. The special designer Disney collection which of course include the hopeful hero Mickey Mouse, has special reverse curve handles that makes the handle work more comfortably for the kids. In past days you probably have seen your kids and others struggling with luggage that tips over and flops and soon there’s a crying child when you’re trying to catch that plane. These special kids luggage cases all of course easily available online–have special elevated wheels that keep the case off the ground when rolled, inline skate wheels, and weigh only 3.8 pounds, all making it a cinch for those active kids to roll. The kids will be leading YOU onto the plane. Of course, you can pick out not only Minnie Mouse or Mickey, but the cast of characters includes Pooh, Tinker bell, Nemo, Princess, Cars, and more. Oh, wait until you see how beautiful they are too with their hardshell glossy surface pictures.

For some boys, cute is just for lovers of Barbies and Princesses, but give these climbing boys  spider man luggage and they are never dawdling over moving into your travel adventure plans. These spider man cases for kids have handles boys will adore because they are easy to pull out and push in–retractable. They’ll carry it on, push up the handle and know their special Spider man tools are safe in the 2 inside compartments.

Toting a Drawstring Bag  through the Magic of Disney

If you indeed are going to Disney, even if it’s not the first time, kids will remember you and the trip forever. Nothing rates higher than the magic of the Magic Kingdom with its expanded New Fantasyland. Your kids will want to preplan beginning with nightgowns and PJ’s in their character to match their luggage case. A couple of special toys are in order for carrying along on the lines, so get a matching Minnie Mouse drawstring bag–kids all love these drawstring bags. Funny they are often called a drawstring shoe bag but the only shoes you’ll find inside are Barbie’s high heels. Find all those Disney character drawstring bags online also.

From Zany to Proud

Now there are still kids who can take or leave Minnie, Mickey, Barbie and Fairies fantasy, because they want to feel more grown up. These kids like to show off some national pride, and there are also available some cool polycarbonate Heys x case Nations. These luggage cases for kids weight only 5 pounds, so kids will wheel proudly. Still more choices are for kids who like the zany humor of Angry Birds, or the thrill of sci-fi like Skylanders, and you can find these characters dressing up some wonderful Polycarbonate Hard Shell luggage cases as well.

Don’t forget to pack some pencil cases (in character designs of course) filled with some markers, for those times at the restaurant in between the ipods.

Have a safe, fun filled trip, I know you will be well packed.

Disney Hardside Luggage -Bloc28 Dark [26 Inches]Heys Disney Mickey Mouse Hybrid Luggage Case [30 Inches]Disney Fairies Fantasy Poly-carbonate Luggage Case [26 inches]Disney Princess Classic Poly-carbonate Luggage Case [21 Inches]Spider-Man Polycarbonate Hard Shell Spinner Luggage CaseBarbie Polycarbonate Hard Shell Spinner Luggage Case

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