Dragons, They are Kind Amazing Creatures that can Bring People Together!

“Dragons, They are Kind Amazing Creatures that can Bring People Together!”

This quote from Hiccup in  How to Train Your Dragon 2 describes accurately a fun fantasy theme, built upon in the latest instalment of this movie series.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is an adventure comedy set in the mythical world of Vikings and giant dragons. This fun, 3D computer animated action film provides an  imaginative way for children, tweens and adults alike to look at the ups and downs and realities of life growing up with dragons!

Dreamworks Studios got it right with this film, loosely based on the book series written by Cressida Cowell.  With a positive pitch on friendship, conflict resolution and responsibility, we learn much from the dragons in the movie. This is Berk and the world just got a whole lot bigger! Dragons used to be a bit of a problem….. but no more! Read on for fun facts and cool character traits that make these dragons so amazing!

How to Train Your Dragon Lunch Bag

How to Train Your Dragon

What we can’t get you is another Barf and Belch”

Barf and Belch, members of the race Hideous Zippleback, are zany dragons with a laughable sense of humour! This pair is owned by the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut and always try their best to exhibit how to work together. Of course they work together, you say! This male pair has one body and two heads! Sometimes Barf and Belch have trouble figuring out which direction their head should go, but are constantly trying to achieve harmony.

Barf and Belch put their best effort forward in conflict resolution. Fighting a battle? Ruffnut and Tuffnut are bickering while on your back during the attack? Do your best and protect your riders at any cost! This strong dragon can lift the weight of two heavy Vikings. They are agile and flexible but sometimes do tangle their necks by mistake!

Barf and Belch try to work on solving the conflict created by having one body and two heads, but can also create a struggle for their foe using special abilities unique to them! Barf can confuse and disorient others with a green gas. Belch can release electric gas. Watch out! A combination of the two can cause an unbelievable explosion!

Cool stats:  Their length is 66 feet!

                   The wingspan of this zany two headed dragon is 38 feet!

                   Barf and Belch weigh 6, 036 pounds!

“Only the best Vikings go after those”

Monstrous Nightmare is a responsible dragon, always the first to arrive in battle and always the last to leave! Again showing responsibility, this dragon has carried Vikings great distances, even with an additional heavy load on it’s back. Fearless, proud and extremely dangerous, the Monstrous Nightmare is usually found in colors of purple, scarlet or green.

Even though Monstrous Nightmare has no forelegs, this dragon is known for being a fast runner, awesome flier, courageous climber and super swimmer. A long snakelike neck can be used for dangerous maneuvers! Powerful jaws and a tail like a club prove this flier to be ferocious!

Even though fierce and fearless, Astrid was able to earn the trust of this dragon by gently placing her hand on it’s snout and offering scented flowers, a favorite food! So Monstrous Nightmare has a softer side!

Cool stats:  This dragon’s length is 70 feet!

                   The wingspan is 68 feet!

                   Monstrous Nightmare can engulf himself in flames!

“Since she’s beautiful, people think she’s not tough. But you should never 

underestimate me. I mean her. I mean us!”

Stormfly, a Deadly Nadder thinks always Astrid, all the time! Astrid and Stormfly, the most beautiful dragon ever, have a great bond of friendship. Stormfly is loving and loyal to her trainer and is so intelligent that she understands hand gestures! Both this dragon and her rider care about each other’s feelings, a true show of devotion.

This cute, delightful dragon is fast on land and air because she is very birdlike with binocular vision! Stormfly is vain, constantly grooms herself and shows affection like a pet. But don’t be fooled! This Deadly Nadder has a keen sense of smell and can blow fire that can melt metal and rock! Stormfly blows magnesium fueled flames! These flames can be used as a lantern in dark caves. She also has spines on her tail that can quickly inject venom in to a target.

Cool stats:  This beautiful creature turns a shade of violet when she lies!

                   She becomes a mother of 3 hatchlings!

                   Stormfly sometimes sleeps while standing!

“Come on Toothless! Let’s show them what you got, bud!”

This is amazing! The fastest flyer! The only dragon that can do a vertical take-off! It’s totally Toothless, a very intelligent, playful dragon who becomes the best friend of Hiccup.

Maybe Hiccup and Toothless did not get off to the best start but they now have a bond of unrivalled friendship. Protective, supportive and caring towards his rider, this fearsome flier has many wonderful traits.

Toothless is a strong swimmer and a very capable fighter with uncanny hearing. He is not humble about his strength, but no wonder! He can carry an adult Viking for a full day and has a jaw like a vice!

This dragon has a fun side, too. Toothless likes to cause mischief and is curious about everything going on around him. Despite the hilarious side of this creature, Hiccup knows he can rely on Toothless. Friends are forever! Hiccup also knows he can have a great time in this brotherly relationship. Caring and coming together! These two companions both have prosthetics and help each other when there is the need. True friends, indeed!

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

Cool stats: This dragon has two sets of wings and is missing the left side of his tailfin!

                  He has retractable teeth!

                  Toothless understands Hiccup’s words!

“Welcome aboard, dragon rider!”

Friends and family can learn life lessons about loyalty and forgiveness from this fun movie. After show time, gather together for a great time of amusement! Bring out the snacks and enjoy each other. Invite Astrid, Fishlegs, Phlegma the Fierce and the rest of the gang. Strategize! Hold dragon races! Encourage activity! Catapult dragons and Vikings to Berk! Start a Dragon Academy!

So load up a How to Train Your Dragon backpack with Dragon Battle Packs and Viking figures to work on your solo flying while having an awesome time developing great friendships and times of learning!

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