Think Inside the Box…The Toy Box …to Throw a Terrific Toy Story 3 Birthday Party

Toy Story

If you are planning a birthday centering on the characters from Toy Story 3, get ready for a great time. The antics of Woody and Buzz along with all the other toys offer endless options for games, activities and an afternoon of fun. Let’s get started creating a special day for your birthday boy or girl.

1. Arrival Activity

A sure fire way to start a great party is to have something to do when your guests arrive. Since no one arrives at the same time, you will have some early arrivals and some late comers. Offering them a theme based activity will keep everyone interested and occupied while they wait for the real party to start. You could use a Toy Story 3 puzzle as your arrival activity. Toy Story StickersSet it up on the kitchen table and let the kids join in the assembly as they arrive. Or, give them a craft to put together. Provide them with a goody bag, markers and Toy Story stickers and let them design their own personalized goody bags. Whichever activity you choose, giving your guests something to do until things get going will get your Toy Story 3 party off on the right foot.

2. Great Games

Next on the list is to design some great games. Start with a traditional party game like pin the tail on the donkey, give it a little Toy Story 3 twist and now you have pin the nose on Mr. Potato Head. Grab a couple stick horses; give them names like Bullseye and Buttercup, and you have Woody’s Wild Horse Race. With the Toy Story 3 Bingo Game, you have a readymade, super-fun game for your guests to play.

3. Dazzling Decorations

Start with a big birthday banner that stretches over the wall in your party room. Add Toy Story balloons to multi-color streamers and balloons to create a truly festive atmosphere. Cover the tables with custom tablecloths featuring the kid’s favorite characters and don’t forget to set-up a table for the presents. Finish off the table setting with Toy Story party supplies like character cups, plates, napkins and a custom Toy Story birthday cake in the image of your child’s favorite character. For an extra special touch, create a picture spot with a bale of hay and a table cloth hung over a door. Over the course of the party, take a picture of the birthday boy or girl with each guest to make extra special thank you cards after the party.

4. Fun-tastic Favors

There is a wide variety of favor options to go along with the Toy Story party theme. If your birthday party is primarily for boys, a bag of army men, a slinky and a go fish game featuring Woody are sure to be hits. If your party is for girls, a package of jacks, some silicone bracelets and a couple sheets of stickers are great fillers for a goody bag. Toy Story Party FavorsWhether you stick with character based favors like kaleidoscopes or pencil cases or go with some other theme based options, keeping the favors aligned with the theme provides the perfect ending to your Toy Story 3 party.
By thinking a little more inside the Toy Box, you can throw an unforgettable Toy Story 3 birthday party for your child.

The Aquadoodle Art Mat

The young mind is inquisitive and creative, building entire worlds with their unique perspective and imagination and the Aquadoodle art mat is one of the best ways to tap into that inexhaustible creative energy. There are many different Aqauadoodle mat configurations to choose from, depending on the child’s personal preferences, whether they prefer a certain character like Elmo or Thomas the Train or something from the Disney world of imagination.

Kids from all walks of life live to draw and create images that they can admire, and then they like to start over on something new and even better than before. How many times have you sat and watched your child create or draw something on paper, only to turn the page and start something new. Many times they draw the same thing over and over and over and every time it seems like exactly the same thing. Yet when you look closer, you see the minor variations, the indications of improvement, alteration, or adjustment of their mind’s eye.

The Aquadoodle floor mat is the perfect combination of creative ability with the opportunity to start fresh without having to worry too much about erasing, since it does it for them. The unique Aquadoodle pens and patented technology are revolutionary and kids absolutely love the magic that the Aquadoodle pen creates right there in the palm of their hand.

To a young mind, the way the pens and the amazing water-based technology works, with the colors that they portray on the mat and how the lines disappear on their own will lead to hours upon hours of excitement and energy within your child from the first moment they place that unique pen to the incredible mat. Once the wonder fades, the joy continues on for years to come.

Many Different Aquadoodle Products to Choose From

Perhaps the best aspect about these uniquely artistic mats is that there is a tremendous variety of styles and characters to choose from to connect with your kid. Probably the most popular among young children is the Thomas Aquadoodle. These Aquadoodle draw and doodle mat with the Thomas and friends characters are simply adorable. When a child’s favorite characters from cartoons or other programs, such as Disney, are portrayed on their favorite toys, then the magical connection is apparent almost from the start.

Making an Aquadoodle drawing with their favorite fictional friend can be inspiring and wondrous for any young child. It’s not always a matter of being able to draw that makes something like this so precious, but the connection and joy that it brings to the child as they become lost in their own little world for hours on end, believing that Thomas or his friends are welcoming them into their private world.

The imagination of a child will help to unlock a mountain of potential later in life if it’s allowed and encouraged to develop. The Aquadoodle draw-n-doodle mat is a great way to help your child reach their potential and forge a bond with creativity that can last a lifetime.

Disney Princess Birthday Games

Disney Princess

Okay, so you’ve planned the most incredible birthday party for your little princess, and it’s going to be a day that she will remember and cherish for the rest of her life. Her friends are going to be the toast of all the girls at school because they will be at this incredible celebration of life, but you know that it’s not yet complete. You want to know what the best Disney Princess birthday games are for your daughter’s party.

Disney Princess birthday games are a fantastic way for your daughter and her friends to spend her afternoon and enjoy laughing and getting lost in the magical world that Disney created. There are so many different Disney Princesses that it can be difficult to choose just one, so why limit yourself? Whether your daughter has a preference for Ariel or Cinderella, Pocahontas or Snow White, there are numerous Disney Princess birthday games that you can choose from.

There’s also no limit to your own imagination, which means that if you’re familiar with the movies that these characters are from, then you can use some creativity and come up with your own ideas as well. But for now, let’s discuss just a few Disney Princess birthday games that your daughter will almost certainly enjoy playing with her friends on that special day.

One is called, Crown the Princess. This one is a favorite among little princesses on their birthday because each of their friends, and themselves, can become a princess. It’s similar to musical chairs, but with one major difference. Instead of taking away a chair and having the girls sit out when they don’t have one when the music stops, have enough chairs for all girls and one will be decorated like a thrown. Play Disney music while the girls walk around the circle of chairs and when the music stops, they sit in the chair next to them. Whoever is sitting in the throne is the princess for that round and receives a prize.

Some parents will play this over and over again, with some of the girls winning multiple times. Of course, you can also vary the game to sit the winner out and remove one chair to ensure that by the end, every girl has a chance to be princess.

Other Disney Princess birthday games that you can play with your daughter include Kiss the Frog. This is a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of a donkey on the wall, you place a picture of a frog. Make sure the frog is large enough, though. Then, give each girl large, animated cut-out lips made of paper or cloth with something sticky on the back, like tape. Blindfolded, they have to try and ‘kiss the frog’ with those lips.

There are many different kinds of Disney Princess birthday games that you can play with your daughter on her special day. The important point is to be creative, or simply buy one of the many games that are available with the Disney Princess theme.

How to Design a Tinkerbell Room

Tinker Bell

Even though Tinkerbell may be a Disney classic, this is still one of the most popular themes for a children’s room! If you’re interested in designing a Tinkerbell room, there are a number of popular choices in Tinkerbell bed room sets that you can use for your daughter to make her room even more customized and suitable to her personality.

The important thing to keep in mind is that designing a child’s room does not have to be as expensive as it may seem. We all know that little girls love to have their own sense of style and personality, so the Tinkerbell room decor will be perfect for your daughter to give her exactly what she is looking for. To begin your project, it is key to start shopping for the right wallpaper. This will give you the chance to quickly decorate the walls of the room with the Tinkerbell room theme so that your daughter can get started in enjoying her own personal space. If you are not experienced with applying wallpaper, make sure that you research it online or at your local hardware store so that you understand how to remove the old wallpaper, prime the wall, and apply the new wallpaper for your daughter’s room.

From there, it is time to start shopping for Tinkerbell room decor accessories! The key point to keep in mind for any child’s room decor is that the accessories you choose should be based on the interests and age of your child. If you are designing a room for a toddler, you may want to get a few plush toys and even a mobile if your toddler is still sleeping in a crib. These are some of the same accessories that you can use for a baby themed room to give it a subtle touch for your new bundle of joy!

If your daughter is somewhat older, you may want to purchase a small table or desk for her to use. To complement these furniture choices, you can also use more modern accessories, like a lamp to place on the desk, an alarm clock, and especially a Tinkerbell room in a box, which may include matching bed and pillow sets. Depending upon the age of your child, the approach you take toward these room themes will be much different.

As a last note, it is always important to stay simple. No matter how many glittery and adorable accessories your daughter may want to add to her room, it will look much more put together if you maintain a minimalist approach in your overall decoration style.

Of course, this Disney inspired theme is always a classic favorite, so it is important to shop for the most affordable choices in room decor. You may be surprised to find that ordering online is your best option in choosing Tinkerbell room decoration supplies, like wallpaper, bedding, and even lamps and clocks. With the right approach to this project, your daughter will have a room that she loves to spend time in and show off to her friends, making it an ultimate success in your room decoration project!

Picking a Dora the Explorer Backpack

Dora the Explorer

With so many choices on the market, picking a Dora backpack can be a task in itself. Before heading over to the store or searching on-line, you’ll first want to consider a few pointers:

1. Size: In the world of kids school bags, as a general rule, there are three different sizes to consider; Toddler, mid-sized and full-sized. Dora toddler backpacks tend to measure in height around 9 – 10 inches where as mid-sized and full-sized backpacks for dora tend to measure 13 and 16 inches in height respectively.

2. Color & Characters: This pointer is BIG. You’ll want to consult with your customer (the Dora fan) for this one. Choose your colors. Dora backpacks usually come in various tones of pink, purple, and red. As for characters, you’ll want to decide who you want on the bag. Will it be Go Diego Go, Swiffer, and/or Boots.

3. Rolling or Standard: We all hear these days about kids having problems with their backs, caused by lifting of heavy books. Manufacturers have responded in recent years with the introduction of rolling kids backpacks. Look for a Dora rolling backpack if you think your child will have lots of books to carry. For lighter loads, a standard bag is acceptable, but it’s a good idea to choose a dora school bag with padded back straps.

So there you have it! As a starting point, visit our Dora department here.

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