With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – Why Spiderman is a Great Role Model

Spiderman is Just Plain Fun

First of all, there’s no denying it, every kid loves Spiderman right?  He just looks cool and does that really cool trick with his hands as he leaps from building to building! What’s not to like?  This is the first reason that Spiderman is a great role model.  He is effective because kids actually like him.  It would be great if kids wanted to play with Einstein or Shakespeare action figures but Spiderman is exciting, colorful and funny.  Give a child a Spiderman action figure and they’re off to fight bad guys and web sligging around in no time.  It’s hard to imagine childhood without a Spiderman figure!

The Spectacular Spiderman’s Smarts

Spiderman, along with Iron Man, The Hulk and Mr. Fantastic, is one of Marvel’s top scientists.  Not only does Spiderman get his powers from a radioactive spider, he also uses science to design his unbreakable webs and extremely durable suit.  Try packing up a healthy lunch in a Spiderman lunch bag, throwing some juice in a Spiderman canteen and embarking on a science adventure in your own backyard.  Another great science toy are our set of Spiderman magnets, which can be used to teach the magical science of magnetism!

Spiderman and Creative Problem Solving

Spiderman doesn’t defeat the Green Goblin, Electro, The Chameleon or Dr. Octopus with brute strength.  Instead, he gets creative and uses his mind to beat the bad guys.  If your kid’s role model is The Hulk they may go around smashing everything.  With Spiderman as a role model a child will become interest in solving problems without fighting.  Great toys for instilling a sense of imagination and puzzle solving are Spiderman coloring books and puzzles.  In addition to Spiderman coloring pages our activity books also contain Spiderman coloring games and puzzles to get your child’s young mind web slinging to the top of the class!  Here’s a tip: Keep some crayons and extra Spiderman coloring sheet with you for those times when your child needs an entertaining distraction.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben – The Power of Family

It was Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben who said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  In fact Spiderman loved his family so much that when his dear Uncle Ben died, he vowed to live by his example and to always protect his kindly Aunt May.  Spiderman is a great role model because he loves his friends and family so dearly and would do anything to protect them.

Peter Parker – The Daily Bugle’s World Class Photographer

In addition to his careers as a scientist, teacher and superhero Peter Parker is also a photographer.  Spiderman is an artist!  What better way to get kids interested in art than with some crayons and Spiderman coloring sheets?  Set up Spiderman action figures for a photo shoot and sell them to grumpy old J. Jonah Jameson!  Unlike other heroes, Spiderman has a direct connection to art, making Spiderman coloring books superior to any other superhero coloring book!

A Spectacular Spiderman Item for Every Occasion!

There is so much more than Spiderman action figures!  For the true Spiderman fanatics there are Spiderman backpacks, Spiderman swim goggles, Spiderman luggage, Spiderman blankets, Spiderman hampers and even Spiderman checkers and dominoes!  Spiderman is great character for children to love because of the sheer amount of Spiderman toys available!  There are toys from every Spiderman cartoon and film including Spiderman 3 action figures, Ultimate Spiderman figures and of course figures for the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman.  There’s just no end in sight for the Spectacular Spiderman!



Caillou Toys and Merchandise all the Rage

“My world is turning, changing each day!” – Growing Up With Caillou

One of the greatest reasons of children to grow up with Caillou is that Caillou himself grows up in the series.  At first, Caillou is only 2 two years old but grows to the ripe age of four as the series continues.  For a young child, Caillou is an amazing role model and one that they can honestly relate to.  A Caillou doll makes a great friend!

“Each Day There’s Something New!” – Adventuring With Caillou

Not only does Caillou use his imagination to adventure and have fun, he also uses it to solve problems in the real world.  Unlike other early morning cartoons Caillou takes place in a completely realistic world, which he adventures through with the power of imagination.  Caillou dollsmake great adventuring campaigns.  Lace up your child’s Caillou shoes and head out for a grand adventure!  Grab a pair of Caillou rain boots for splashing around in puddles.  The adventuring spirit of Caillou is never-ending!

Caillou Plush Doll

Caillou Doll

“With Mommy and Daddy and Finding My Way!” – Family and Friends With Caillou

Not only is Caillou a great adventurer but he is also a great son, brother and friend!  Of course, Mommy Doris and Daddy Boris are great role models and often lead Caillou with wisdom and fun.  Rosie, Caillou’s two year-old sister, is a great role model for older brothers.  Watching Caillou and Rosie interact and playing with Caillou dolls are great ways to teach children about younger siblings.  Other great characters include the kindly Mr. Hinkle and the former bully Leo.  True to Caillou’s real world setting, there are very diverse characters, all of whom Caillou befriends.  Everyone is Caillou’s friend!

“So Many Things to Do!” – Activities and Development With Caillou

There is so much Caillou merchandise available in our Caillou store, there’s almost no end to the number of Caillou activities!  Of course, budding young minds benefit greatly from puzzles and more Caillou puzzles are available than almost any other character!  For very young children there’s the Caillou Wood Peg Alphabet puzzle.  For children a little more advanced there are 21-piece and 45-piece Caillou puzzles available.  There is even a Caillou My First 3D Puzzle Picture Frame!

Are puzzles not for you?  How about Caillou toys for family game night?  Playing games as a family builds important social skills and the valuable art of sharing and waiting one’s turn.  Great Caillou toys include the Caillou Logico Game, Bingo and Who What?

“I’ll Share Them With You!” – Reading With Caillou

Caillou started as a series of books by Christine L’Heureux so there are a great number of Caillou books available!  Caillou adventures are just as exciting and imaginative in print!  What better way to instill a love of books in your child than by sharing the wonderful world of Caillou with great books like Caillou Moves Around and Caillou Spend the Day With Me?

“Growing Up is Not So Tough” – Learning With Caillou

Caillou is a great way to teach children about daily activities like healthy eating, brushing one’s teeth and dressing one’s self.  The sheer amount of Caillou merchandise available means that the imaginative youngster can help children learn just about anything.  Learning about healthy eating is a breeze with a Caillou lunch bag and few healthy snacks!  Caillou apparel such as shoes, sandals and even rain boots are great ways to get kids excited about dressing themselves.  Other great tools are Caillou dress-up dolls and even a Caillou dress-up puzzle.  At the end of the day enjoy a bath with a Caillou bath toy, and then teach your child about brushing their teeth and bedtime with a Caillou dress-up doll complete with pajamas.

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