Moshi Monsters Sign Up Puts Kids True Moods into Fun Learning and Problem Solving

Thumbs up! Sign up to Moshi Monsters if you keep on finding borrowed Moshi Monster moshlings under your feet or resting on your footstool. Or, open your cereal cabinet and there, lurking in front is another borrowed monster. Don’t worry, it’s probably just Moshi Monster Zommer plush, looking his best zombie, but hungry of course, and needing to eat. Well, when your kids can finally do their Moshi Monster log in, you’ll learn the personalities, moods, and needs of the likes of Zommer, or maybe their choice monster will be the cute, shy, sweet and friendly, dance loving, funky pop music loving Poppet.

Moshi Monsters Zommer Doll

That all really relates to your child’s personality, and moods, things they like to do, and especially their little annoying flaws.  But with 6 wonderfully, described characters, there will be one or more they will relate to –as themselves or their BFF’s. No doubt for many girls, the Moshi Monsters plush most chosen is Luvli. What a surprise! She’s the diva queen, looking fashionably beautiful, angelic (but bossy, mind you). Loves shopping and dancing. Whereas lots of boys like Diavalo, (or are like Diavalo) he’s got wings and can fly, sports sneakers, loves mischief, and can roar with lava when he’s angry.

Both boys and girls pick Furi. The Moshi Monster Furi plush is one of the most popular and loved  of the plush characters because it’s cuddly, looks a bit depressed but is really happy underneath, known to be messy, and does not like to be bored–that all important “B”-word!

A Meaningful Adventure

When it comes to web sites, games, and toys,  you can feel a confidence that your Marsha or Mannie’s adventure in a Moshi Monsters log in is not wasted, mindless.

Go moshi–moshi games that is, which are already tops in social game sites for kids 6-11. There are kids signed up to Moshi Monsters in the millions each month, and the toys they need and love to hold and toss around–these Moshi Monster collectables and Moshi Monster plush characters, are hot to trot.

The Moshi Methods Breed Eggs and Egg-cellent Family Conversations

Get in on the cuteness with your kids to share some great conversation on a subject they really will let you in on. And this site and Moshi Monster game plan is not too complicated, even though it is loaded with good teachable lessons–of all kinds. Cameron, age 7, describes it for parents’ know-how: ” Your Moshi Monster pops up on the screen and tells you what to do. Then another one also tells you more. I can look for Moshlings and also find their eggs which hatch to a baby and then grow up to grown up Moshlings. The eggs go to a special building and you can go to Monstro City and buy houses. I want I.G.G.Y. moshling because on login he’s chasing your mouse.  I have 20-somthing moshlings. ”

And about Monstro City, 9 year old Jessica says, “Monstro City is a great place to be on because it is really so kind, and against bullies.”

And from 8 year old twins Landon and Leni, “my whole family plays Moshi Monsters games, and we have adopted a few for each person. ”

This is from a happy parent. ” My son Bryan had fun and learned a lot from the Moshi games in the  Starcade like the numbers games.”

Best On Moshi Monsters Personalities

There’s only 6 main monsters, but as usual the personalities are all unique and wonderful. Many kids will want at least one Katsume at home, because she’s just so cute, gentle and sweet like a bunny or kitty with floppy ears and whiskers. “Oh, Katsuma, so that’s the monster plush toy that’s already taken over Mandy’s desk of pictures, tattoos, and all stuff Katsuma.” Just watch, mom, because like real life and kids, Katsuma– if she’s not happy, will scratch at the computer screen and jump around.Moshi Monsters Umbrella

That’s the really interesting thing about Moshi Monsters–kids play the games with them but have to get to know a particular personality, needs, and the character’s reactions to things. These monsters are not just perfect, but have dimension–they are wise, silly, greedy, sweet, bossy, mischievous, popular, shy, slobby, or neat.  This is a great way to sneak in some valuable human relationship training at this kid level! It works because when the kids sign up to Moshi Monsters they immediately have to begin to take care of their monster carefully, or suffer the consequences. They (the monsters as well as your child) need food, a home, clothes and how to stay happy and comfortable.

The Monster Journey, Puzzles, Games Do Teach

Then, your child has to take the monster on a journey through the city by means of solving puzzles. Yes, these moshi games are mind challenges to accomplish (and hopefully your child will relate that to accomplishing tasks at home too!). The Moshi Monsters don’t go easily through these challenges (as do kids) and have particular reactions to the challenges (as do your kids!) and needs to be taken care of. Again, a really worthwhile social skill to get that personalities have their good and not so good aspects. For example, don’t let Moshi Monster Diavalo plush with his devilishly adorable looks fool you because he is not so hot, or cool, if he doesn’t get tickled twice a day.

With puzzles and challenges, tasks accomplished, rewards are given, and used for more travels.

Hatching Moshlings of all Species

The main moshis get lonely and like and need little moshling friends. But kids need to hatch them. The moshlings come in all categories of the pets and hobbies kids love: birds, dinos, fishies, kitties, puppies, ponies, ninjas, beasts, spookes, worldies, technies, tunes, –foodies! So, best to get the handy good value of 4 pack or 8 pack poshlings, usually with 2 surprise moshlings added in to the pack. My buddy Joanna loves her 4 pack Angel, Waldo, Flumpy and Gingersnap, but Lyndsay won’t trade the 4 pack Stanley, Chop Chop, Fifi, and Shelby. One of the great things about taking care of moshis and raising moshlings is that kids feel pride, a great accomplishment. Listen to these kids in their own words: ”

Moshi Monsters At the Beginning or the End of the Day

At the end of the day, pile all your monsters (that is the Moshi Monsters toys and moshlings, not Timmy or Tina) into that Moshi Monster backpack, just until morning when it’s time again for moshi. Moshi games, after all do have a brand new page to open up bright and early to occupy the kids with something to think about! This is a fantastic web page of news, events, projects, things to think about, not just mindless arcades and games. How else can you learn exactly how to write a limerick? Or they’ll hear about Growly Grump day and getting excellent cucumber, curry, cabbage or saffron glump cakes at the Gross-ery store. Kids look forward to their shout outs –a way for kids to honor other kids like” I would like to shout out to lovlybee123 she’s great.” Or learn some fact like “today is Pi day, no not pie”, and the page goes a fun pun filled explanation.

Art projects, contests abound as well. As 9 year old Wendy says, ” This is a good city, I love it, and I even love the daily challenge which quizzes on my multiplications, and spelling, and it’s all a lot of fun. And best of all I can cuddle my Moshi Monsters plush all day, if I could, cool as a chill bird! Online I make sure my moshies don’t get sad and gloomy, and I give them the right attention, food and a nice house.” What could be better than that!






Monster High Dolls and Duds Dress up a Girl’s Life so Frighteningly Fabulous

Screamingly, wickedly funny and fun, creepy but staying sweet star dolls, Monster High characters really do give girls so much more than just a chance to play. Like Lisi Harrison’s best loved 2nd book in the series, The Ghoul Next Door, Monster High dolls are about girls, tweens, teens life. Indeed there’s the adorable kit and caboodle realm of coffins and scars, but there are school clubs, sweet 1600 (not just16 to these monsters like Ghoulia Yelps or Draculaura) getting on time and stylishly dressed for the Dawn of the Dance”, or just chilling at Gloom Beach and being “Dead Tired”. Monster High is really about girls and their flaws and fountains of strengths being allowed to be who they are, loved and respected, with all their likenesses and differences.

Says Lindsay, “Monster High characters gave me some great advice like not believing everything people say and do”.

Says Madison, “I was pressured about crushes on boys, and worried about making mistakes and being a little clumsy, but then Monster High Frankie Stein doll was given to me and guess what, like her I realized it’s ok to struggle a little with this stuff and still be cool. Maybe I can find some electricity of my own too like Frankie Stein or even some other powers. I think I can be voltage too and maybe join the Fearleading Squad with girls like Draculaura, Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps. Actually, I’m saving up for the Fearleading Squad 3 doll pack.”

Bye-Bye Barbie, Hello Monster High Dolls

Why are Barbie’s put aside for Monster High star dolls? Lots of reasons–good ones too. Girls today are often not into or beyond the pretty perfect princess thing and from 7 on up are already unique, and maybe not so perfect and pretty but truly feel like one of those Monster High characters–flawed, freaky. Yet they still are into important stuff like community of friends and BFF’s, fashion –at least designs that suit themselves–if they can get the courage to be themselves. And Monster High offers courage. It’s all done with helpful ways of self-expression that are not destructive.

Many girls want Monster High Ghoulia Yelps doll because she’s so much like them.  She’s smart but can only speak zombie grunts, she walks so slow she’s frustrated and stressed out but she finds her peace in books, illustrating, her pet owl, Sir Hoots a lot (a hoot!), and has her own sophisticated geek chic style.

Girls worrying about boys and relationship– as this seems to unfortunately be the stuff of girls from 6 on up–, really want Monster High Draculaura, and toy with the awesome Monster High dress up Draculaura  in down time after homework.

Poor Draculaura can’t see her reflection, so never knows if her clothes and face  are ok.  But she does fine with relationships. She manages and finds good sense in dealing with issues. She’s got an interesting father/daughter relationship to boot. A vegan, she’s already got some differences that could make her a brunt of things, but she can manage. On star doll Monster High, the Monster High webisodes, the Monster High books, girls love the backgrounds and info about Draculaura. They follow her flirtations and realizations about a conceited Health Burns and how she makes her strong choices. What a gal, or ghoul!Monster High Dolls

More Monsters, More Spirited Times

With all these great Monster High characters, it’s no wonder that girls will want more and more of  all the Monster High dolls. To be sure, one or two is never enough since most girls love to set them up, dress up the dolls in their fabulous fashions, and take pictures of them for their own “Behind the screams scenes”. And most important, of course, for these scenes are the boys, too! And Monster High has a lot of those guys as well as ghouls including the likes of Clawd Wolf and Deuce Gorgon. You can get a handy 2 pack online with Clawd Wolf and Draculaura, or Monster High Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon.

When it comes to bags, girls, ladies, women, we all need bags for all our important  things. Monster High bags get the essentials ready for day or night. One Monster Hi bag for daytime and another one for later on because your needs are so different depending on where you’re going, right? And nobody can forget about school, (or can they) and Monster High backpacks, lunchboxes, Monster High T-shirt design sets, and other necessary supplies are easily available too as well as bags and online.

Monster Moms, Terrifying Tweens, and Everyone in Between

Are dolls just for little girls? With the Monster High dolls there are all ages, even teens and moms buying them, and enjoying them, such as 17 year old Janice who says “the doll makes me feel comfortable with who I am and the way I dress. There’s no social or physical standard to the people, and friends are friends despite their differences.”

And moms who themselves are a bit “Goth” and enjoy a zombie, werewolf or vampire story, find the dolls sources from traditional movies and characters from Count Dracula to Bride of Frankenstein and the cute creativity of the available stories with humor such as Romeo & Ghouliette, well, cute.

Designing Monster Dress Up from Creepy to Outrageous

For girls of all ages who like art and drawing, and fashion, (and who doesn’t), terrific Monster High coloring pages help with drawing great images, and picking up ideas for fashions and developing new ones on their own. There’s even available a wonderful Monster High  Monster Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio, or the Monster High Monster Fashion Mini Sketch Book to carry in a bag or backpack always.

Best of all to know, there’s no stopping Monster High. This life continues on just like the undead, and new Monster High characters are surfacing as always. What could they possibly be? Somebody said she heard about a tasty Venus McFlytrap.

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