What Backpack Should I Choose For My Children?

There are many factors in choosing a backpack for your child, let alone one that they will actually want to carry. Of course, getting the kids off to school is much easier if you got a cool backpack to lure the kids.Spider-Man Backpack

“If you don’t brush your teeth you won’t get to wear your Spiderman backpack,” you may say.

“No, no I’ll brush them!” your son or daughter will exclaim.

This is the power of choosing the correct backpack. The cool kids backpacks will speed up your mornings and can create an excitement for learning.

How to Choose the Right Fit

Of course, the most important factor in choosing the best kids backpack is finding a comfortable fit. Here are some tips for finding a comfortable backpack:

  • Never choose a “sling style” backpack or a backpack that sits on only one shoulder. The weight of a backpack’s load should always be evenly distributed on two shoulders.
  • Choose a backpack with thick shoulder pads. Extra padding on shoulder pads helps a child’s small shoulders remain comfortable and distribute weight evenly.
  • Choose the appropriate size. Standard backpack sizes are toddler, mid-size and full-size.

Keep an Eye Out for the Extras

Not all backpacks are created equal. Always keep an eye for the extras such as wheels, extra pockets and lunch boxes. Backpacks with wheels aren’t just for adults tooling through the airport; they are for kids too! Kids backpacks with wheels are great for children with a heavy load of books or a long period of use. The best way to ease the stress on a child’s back is to move the weight onto the ground, on a pair of wheels. Extra pockets are great for packing a kids backpack evenly, which makes carrying easy and comfortable. Of course, kids backpacks and lunch boxes are like peas in a pod. Cool kids backpacks feature a child’s favorite character, why shouldn’t their lunch box too?

How to Pack and Carry a Backpack

A kids backpack should always be packed and carried properly. Even the highest quality backpack won’t prevent pain or injury if it isn’t carried correctly or properly packed. Remember:

  • A backpack’s total weight should never exceed 10-15 percent of the wearer’s weight. A child of 100 pounds should have at maximum a 15 pounds.
  • Never let your child carry their backpack on one shoulder. Both shoulder straps should be used.
  • Backpacks should be work close to the body but not too close. There shouldn’t be excess slack in the straps but they shouldn’t be so tight as to cause discomfort.
  • If there is too much weight to be carried have your child use their hands. Light items can be easily carried and offer important upper body exercise.

Finding The Cool Kids Backpack

Now that you have learned how to choose a backpack based on size, fit and usability visit Kimmyshop’s backpack shop to find the perfect backpack online in minutes! There’s almost no end to the possibilities and there’s a backpack for every kid! Cute kids backpacks include Barbie, Calliou, Disney Fairies, Strawberry Shortcake and Monster High. Super cool kids backpacks include Skylanders, Spiderman, Iron Man and the ever popular Cars. A crowd pleaser for the toddler crowd is Yo Gabba Gabba!Skylanders Backpacks

Now get out there and have fun learning!

The Avengers Figures Unite Avengers Merchandise with a Frenzy of Fashion, Fantasy and Family Unity, Too!

Iron Man figures, Thor figures, Captain America figures…every boy, every man has his favorites, his role model. Dads have even let go the hula girl dashboard decorations and replaced them with Avengers toys, a proud inspirational addition on any commute or drive.The Avengers Figures

It’s a united front not only for the awesome avengers, but for kids and dads. And now, with even better exposure and time given for the amazing Black Widow, moms and daughters are also into the Avengers attractions.

The Avenger Store for Style

For the females, fashion, style, makeup trends, everything is “avengeriffic”. Eye makeup styles flash the heroic look. The Avengers heroism goes as admirable for any females as well as the males. Captain America eyes are lively and flag fluttering with their red white and blue stars in glitter and solid stripes. Hannah’s mom Sylvia, with her green eyes, is a natural for her hero, the Hulk, in glorious green and purple shadows and eye glisteners, and mom Sylvia is as powerful as they come, says the proud daughter.

Tom’s mom likes the metallic silver and scaly look just like Thor, because son Tom only wants to play with his marvel avengers Thor action figure, and of course carry the best Avengers backpack and lunch box to his own planned meetings to save his world. And since Tom has learned to not be afraid of thunder storms and lightening because of his love for Thor, mom likes to join him in a united team effort.

The Avengers Connection Succeeds

All the Avengers figures offer a great exploration of values, life lessons, and personal attitudes for any easy family conversation or more in depth thinking like what makes a super hero and what makes each Avenger prepared and equipped to deal with the world’s safety and security. So it’s no wonder that Avengers merchandise is flying off the shelves faster than any holiday sale with the new 2012 Avengers movie release.

If there is ever a time there is a need for admirable leaders, excellent role models, both for kids with their wayward attitudes, and for parents who need to connect with kids in the ever increasingly complex world–the avengers are filling these valuable needs. And especially now that they are uniting, a role model for any family of individuals for sure!

Get the Self Confidence Of Your Best

There’s a pride that goes a long with associating with any of the Avengers. It’s not just frivolous fun for kids to want Avengers toys . You can’t just think of any of the avengers figures and not feel a rise in your chest, a puffed up feeling of being your best, up front, ready, using your potential. And of course, all this focus on ableness, ability, does not sideline girls and moms. The Avengers highlights and welcomes females as strong team members and supporters, just like the talented and lovely Scarlett Johansson Black Widow. Her skills in martial arts are awesome, and admirable–and guys too cannot deny her solid significance. Kids who nowadays love to google the stars to follow what they say, what they do, what’s the deal, see that the actress Johansson herself is so cool and honest, that she describes her process of learning her role as even painful, requiring diligence and sticking to it–just the way it is with all things that are hard until you practice it enough to get it. Johansson deepens the significance of her part as a role model by her interview confessions that she too worried that she’d never learn (doesn’t that sound familiar with your kids?), but she stuck with it.Iron Man Backpack

The Best Avengers for School Show and Tell

The Captain America store for costumes–Halloween, birthdays, mardi gras, used to be the most popular and at least one Captain America could be seen at any and every event. But now with the huge avengers store house of comics, you tube videos, and a new Iron Man Anime just released on DVD, every avenger figure is in demand for costumes, role playing action figures, games and toys.

Good to go with the mini muggs avengers figurers 6-pack and give the family a chance to hold one of their favorites. Whether it’s for the junior sized toddlers that want one too, or bigger brothers and sisters who like to collect avengers for their morning time inspiration, or for friends and role playing, or for show and tell at school, you can get 6 in one shot. Some of the favorite Avengers in this set: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye and Nick Fury.

Keep on Believing

Whether your kids or you look at the avengers figure by figure, or as this amazing united front, there are valuable lessons to be learned from them–all in the name of trying to be everything you are, and more, to do good, and learning how to overcome frailties.  Good things for families to talk about for sure.

There are Many good reasons why Nick Fury says with the Avengers all there together that he still believes in heroes, and thank goodness, because of them, so do we.

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